We wish you welcome in our Holiday-estate
to a festival of wines

During a wine tastery, which we gladly organize at your request, you will learn more about the kinds of grapes like Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Spätburgunder, Dornfelder and Regent through the wines.

Rieslingwine will offer you a fine, spicy and flowery taste which, by not outstanding fruit sour, will give the wine structure and an elegant till appetizing after taste.

Müller-Thurgau grapes produce light wines, which will develop into light, fruit full, fresh and sparkling wines.

During the growth of the Spätburgunder grapes, light, fruit full red wines will develop, which you can excellently enjoy on summer evenings.

The Dornfelder grape is a solid, less sensitive grape. They will ripe in oak wooden barrels into very dark red wines, which will give accent to its natural fruity taste.

With Regentwines we offer our guests a wine which is grown from a fungus resistant grape and therefore does not need any chemical spray treatment. The Regentwines are like the Dornfelder, very dark red wines. Therefore they go perfectly well with game.